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We’d love to meet you in class! Whether you’re booking a lesson for yourself or your child, we’ll find the perfect teacher for you. All our teachers care about your success and know how to make a class truly fun and engaging.

Watch our videos to see what other people say about us. We love how Lisa got inspired to learn the keys after watching her kids having such a blast in our band program. How cool is that?

Whether you (or your child) already play an instrument – or even if you have no experience at all playing music – our unique method helps students at all levels become amazing musicians. Just ask us about our different programs. We’re happy to tell you what sets us apart from other music schools!



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Our Philosophy.


We believe musicians have the edge.
We believe music lessons make a difference.

The creativity, focus and dedication we foster through learning an instrument sets you up for more success in life. We see it happen in our students everyday.

It’s why we deliver the most innovative and highest quality music education anywhere.



Did you know that … ?


At Modern Music School you’ll only learn the songs you want to play (you know, the stuff that’s actually on your playlist).

We teach lessons for drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals and band practice.

When you learn to play music at Modern Music School, you also train and improve your social skills – giving you the advantage in any school or career setting!

We’ve taught hundreds of thousands of musicians over the past three decades.

Our instructors aren’t just Modern Music School-certified coaches, they’re also professional musicians. By following our very specific teaching methods, they deliver the best music education in the industry.

You’re connected to music-lovers at more than 80 Modern Music School locations worldwide.

Modern Music School students range in age from 5 to 85 years. You’re never too young or old to learn to play.