We are a team of dedicated musicians who choose to teach our passion.

When we’re not teaching music, we’re performing, recording, touring, and continually creating music. Everyday we eat, sleep and breathe music. It’s our passion.

And it’s a passion we love conveying to our students. We believe that there is nothing more inspiring than a passionate and interested teacher. It’s almost contagious and you can’t help but be inspired by it.

We are a team of professional coaches with extensive training in MMS specific teaching methods and regularly advance our teaching qualifications as well as our professional and personal skills.  


Lucas Bakker
Tobias Urbanczyk
Ronja Petersen
Christian Hogan
Ray Rojo
Bret Hammer

Our methods are based on findings in the fields of neuroscience, applied psychology and motivational theory.

Where does true motivation and inspiration come from? How do we learn effectively? How do we achieve our goals quickly? As our student, you will benefit from the answers to these questions. So you will progress quickly and have fun all along the way.

By following our very specific teaching methods we deliver the most innovative and highest quality music education in the industry.