band program

Band Program

MMS Pasadena music lessons and see how our band program benefits young musicians

Wondering if the Band Program is for your child?


If he or she already plays an instrument, loves to make friends and be around other kids, enjoys playing but needs extra encouragement to practice sometimes, or is looking for opportunities to perform live, this band program is for your child!

Your child will become:

  1. Motivated: People - and children in particular – are highly motivated and inspired by each other. Because they are learning to play songs together with their bandmates, they feel accountable to them, and practice more to make sure they have their parts learned each week for the group!
  2. Creative: In a group, students have the opportunity to develop new ideas and share them collectively, and they’re provided with a great environment for experimentation. A more extraordinary and unexpected outcome is oftentimes the result.
  3. An important team member: Orientation towards the same goal creates team spirit. This solidarity is strengthened by group activities that allow students to support one another during the learning process. Building the team’s morale this way solidifies this sense of group spirit (or again, group-dynamics) also increases motivation.
  4. Comfortable in front of others: Students get used to playing in front of each other each week and become comfortable with the notion of an audience and a public setting. They develop confidence and overcome stage fright.
  5. A fair competitor: Group lessons expose students to a mildly competitive atmosphere, this encourages them to learn and practice in order to keep up with their peers. The group dynamic provides students with the opportunity to give as well as take constructive criticism.
  6. A great friend: Deep friendships are formed in our band program as students learn how to better relate and cooperate with others. The development of communication skills (both social and musical) is also fostered.
  7. Super confident: Above all, each of the added benefits mentioned in this post builds confidence that will last a lifetime.


Kids learn by watching their peers. They love being part of a group. Trust me, it's how learning becomes fun and exciting. It's how your child will develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Can't wait to see you here!

Ulf Geist